Chris Yeager grew up in Manhattan in the 1950s and 60s. He studied photography in Beamont Newhall’s History of Photography courses at the University of New Mexico in the 1970s. He lived and worked in Albuquerque and Austin, Texas until 1990, when he returned to the east coast to take a job as a technical writer in Boston. He has been photographing the modern folk scene for 12 years, and has a large backlog of negatives and prints, some of which have been selected for inclusion in the Harvard-sponsored Club Passim History project.

Negatives for the True Believers series were made using a 4x5 camera and Polaroid P/N film from 2001 to 2003 at Camera Work, a studio Co-op near Porter Square in Cambridge. The current series was printed during the summer of 2003 at the New England School of Photography as part of the Fine Arts Portfolio Workshop under the direction of zone system instructor Nick Johnson. The images are printed on Ilford IV Fiber Based Glossy Paper, archivally washed, and selenium toned.
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